I-485 EB3- EB2 interlace after out of country for long time


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Please suggest me with following situation


Old GC filled by Employer1  EB3

concurrent filing 140 & 485

140 Approved

485 pending since 2009


New GC filled by Employer2 EB2

Labour approved  2015

140 in process



while my old 485 is pending i went back to India in 2010 and back in 2014 on new H1B quota.


- My old EB3 485 still show as pending status, can i able to transfer (interlace) my old 485 to new EB2 140 after approved?   

- Will there be any issue as I lived out of country for 3 years in between? ( No visa or AP for this period). 

- Is it the best to go for new 485 or transfer old 485 ( which will be faster as medicals and FPs are done) ?





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