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Hi Everyone,


   I think if your H1b Visa is still valid then you can put it in drop box getting waiver for interview. In that the most common caveat that I have heard is that your stamped visa should be from same employer. i.e if you change employer but your visa is still valid then you have to go for interview.   My condition fits in this specific caveat and was thinking I will have to go for interview. 


When I was filling information for scheduling interview I was asked series of questions and based on that it was determined that I qualify for the “Drop Box” Interview Waiver Program. I am surprised and confused considering common conception of change of employer caveat. I was not asked any question about change in employer. Here are questions I was asked:-


Q: Do you have a previous H-1B visa (temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee)?


Answer: Yes. My current visa from my previous employer is still valid and I have it. With employer the visa has not changed, but 797 has. 


Q: Were you denied any kind of U.S. visa after your most recent U.S. visa was issued?


Answer: No


Q: Is your previous H-1B visa (temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee) still valid?


Answer: Yes


Q:Was your most recent H-1B visa (temporary occupation, temporary worker or trainee) issued in India after January 1, 2008?


Answer: Yes




Congratulations! You qualify for the “Drop Box” Interview Waiver Program. Please do not schedule an appointment at the Visa Application Center or U.S. Embassy/Consulate.


When you click “Continue” to proceed with your application.


Step 1. Print two copies of the DropBox Confirmation Letter.

Step 2. Drop off your listed documents at one of our 11 Document Drop-Off locations.

          Current passport and any old passports with a U.S. visa.

          One photograph (per U.S. visa specification).

          Photocopy of form I-797.


Note: Using the Interview Waiver Program does not guarantee visa issuance. The U.S. Embassy/Consulate retains the right to call an applicant in for an interview, if necessary.



Anyone if you can share your experience or valid information on this matter to help me clear my confusion is deeply appreciated.

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In my situation, I have my existing visa stamp in my passport expired in Feb 2014. I am still with the same employer.

Are there any chances for me to get an interview waiver as well?

Answer is NO.


  • If I am applying for an H or L (individual) visa, my prior visa in the same class is still valid or expired within the last 12 months.
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I am planning to get my Visa stamped through drop box. I am with same employer and my recent stamping was done in Chennai which was expired in Feb 2015.


I am working in EVC model. I can get letters from E and V but not from C as C is federal govt.  I read somewhere that  VFS won't accept letters from V and C even we carry those with us. Could you some one give a clarity and what are all documents needs to be carried and what are all documents VFS accepts for drop box stamping.


Thanks in advance.

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