H1b Visa Stamping on OCT 1 st -Hyderabad Consulate


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Hi ,


Thanks everyone and Murty forum for helping me to prepare for the interview


I am on opt Extension and is valid still july -2016, H1b started on oct 1st-2015


Interview was done in less than 5 mins


Me: Good Morning officer

VO: Good Morning , which company you are going to work for



VO: What is your salary package


Me:Told the number

VO:How many employees does your company have


Me: Told the number

VO:Have you worked for the same company in CPT or OPT


Me: Yes, OPT

VO: Do you have an End client


Me: Yes, ABCD

VO: You Did your Masters right


Me: Yes , Told university name

VO: I am approving your Visa


Me: Thankyou




Good Luck everyone for your VISA Interview

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