H1B - extension includes the L1 dates as well


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I had come to USA on L1B visa in Nov 2007 and left to India in Aug 2010. 

I stayed in India for 4 years and got my H1B visa approved on May 2014. I traveled to USA in Sep 2014. 


After 6 months in March 2015 I changed my employer and when they filed my extension, in I-129 they have calculated the days for L1B stay and H1B stay.


The extension was given for the left over days (6 years - total stay in USA).


Does it mean that my first H1B petition was on top of L1B Petition or my second employer calculated it wrongly?


Since there was a gap of 4 years between L1 and H1, shouldn't My H1 should be a fresh one?


Please help me understand how many days I can stay on my H1.


Thanks in advance.



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