URGENT: OPT to H1 converted, but H1 revoked on Oct 1st


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One of my friends landed up in a weird situation and need urgent help.


-He is working in company A on OPT. The OPT is valid until Nov 2016

-He has applied for H1B through a different employer (employer B) and it is approved

-Employer B, for some reason revoked H1B and he got an email today that the H1 is revoked

-To be on the safer side, my friend checked with the immigration helpdesk at his college yesterday and they said his status is changed to H1

-He got a new job offer from employer C

-He just got email from USCIS today evening that his H1 is revoked today


Following are my questions:

-What is his status?

-Can he convert back to OPT? If so, how?

-What are his best options?


A quick response will be highly appreciated.




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Obviously, the employer informed USCIS before Oct. 1 that the job no longer exists.

That means your friend (or is it you) has not been counted for the H1 quota. A transfer is not possible. A new employer can file an H1 for him next April, with a start date of Oct. 2016.

Until then, he has to leave the country.

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