I-140 approved (EB1-A), spouse lives in a different US state for school, how to apply I-485


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I live in XX state in USA and my spouse lives in state YY in USA as an F1-student. She will be finishing up within next year. We got married one and a half year ago in USA and have been living apart since then in order to finish up spouse's school. I had to move becasue of my job. Recently, my I-140 has been approved under EB-1A category. According to USCIS, if we file for I-485, we both have to send our documents to different lock boxes.


What should be the best way to apply for I-485?


1) We file for I-485 from two different states and get biometric appointment separately?

2) I am assuming that we cannot file from a single state because we don't have a house lease together. However, we have the marriage certificate, joint credit card/bank account, insurances, AAA membership, joint tax file, flight records for travelling back and forth.  


Is there a better way of file in this case? Please let me know or point me if such cases exist in another forum.

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