Query on H4 extension - Can travel India


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My and my family visa is going to end on Sept 30, 2015 and I-94 on Oct10, 2015. My company has applied for extension separately.  For me on Sept 1st week and my family's on Sept 25th,2015. Got receipt  number.

The concern here is planning to India in Nov end, 2015 which I cannot avoid because of personal reasons. Our extension will be still in pending state.
I heard that in pending state we should not travel. My company is not upgrading for  premium processing.

So,  Could you let me know what will happen in below things,

1) Only my family alone will travel to India in Nov end, 2015 in pending status.  I will travel to India  after approving.
What will happen, if they have to come back to US ? will there be any issue?

2) If I upgrade my extension to premium in coming week and not family's. Will both our extension will get approved by Nov End ? Then after traveling and coming back any issue?

3) What will happen if we all travel to India in pending status?

Could you please answers my above concerns.

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