h1b amendment and h4 EAD filling


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      Our H1B & H4 are valid till March 2017. we got our stamping done last year and we went to india and returned back in Aug 2015. Both of our passports are expiring in March 2017.


           Now i was about to change client(still with same employer) to a different state and we are filing H1B amendment.

        So while filling my H1B amendment, my employer said we don't have file for H4 since it is valid till March 2017.


       will it be okay not to file H4 along with H1b amendment at this point of time? what are the disadvantages if we file now along with my amendment.   


       If she goes for Passport renewal does she needs  valid h4 which is more than  6 months period?



My Second part of question is , we are planning apply for  H4 EAD.  I got my 140 approved and she has valid H4 till March 2017.


a)   if we file EAD based on her existing H4 and my I-140 approval notice by providing new address, will there any problem in getting approval?

      The reason i asking is her H4 is going to have my current address , but we are filling EAD from new address.


b) Is it better wait for my amendment approved and then file  H4-EAD.



        Please suggest what are the options i have.








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