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Hi friends, I have a query as below .

If we have i140 from company A and we came back to India for some personal reasons and didn't return to US for 10 years. After 10 years can we use this i140 to travel to US ? Or can we come to US on existing H1B petition if we have not used all 6 years ? Can we come to US on h1b through a different company B , if so can I continue my GC with my old i140 ?

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If my i140 is not revoked can a new employer use the same i140 for further GC process and if revoked do I need to start the GC process all over again ?

That I-140, if it is valid will help you to get 3 year extensions on H1B and keep you in line to get a GC. If revoked you lose both and new employer has to start GC from scratch.

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