H1b Expiring in Nov 2016 - Options after that ?? - Moved to India last year


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Hi Gurus,


Need guidance..


We moved to India on my 4th Year of H1b after getting extension.

My H1 is expiring in Nov 2016.


1.So my question is How can i keep my options open of H1b past Nov 2016.

I am not sure if i will settle in India. I came here on Company's request.


2. So after Nov 2016 , do i need to file for a fresh H1b through Lottery system ?? or i can still use the Unused years in my current H1b ..


3. Do i need to stay with the same company or i can change the company and use the same H1b petition and capture unused years on H1b ?


Thanks a lot for your help in Advance ..


- Neo



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