Issues with prevailing wage determination


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My 6 year validity on H1 expires in April 2016. I joined a new company in Dec 2014 and they are processing my GC. As per the immigration team while they were in the prevailing wage determination step, the prevailing wages for my profile came back with a huge difference from my current base salary. Apparently the team reworked on the profile and resubmitted it but even then the difference was huge. My job title is project manager and the "Manager" title is what is creating the issue. Right now the company is taking a stand that they cannot proceed with my GC and that the only option is for me to move out of the country and work in a different location for a year and come back on an L1 A visa. 

1. Wouldn't this have been an issue even when they hired me around Sep 2014? it is the same JD that is being used for the GC process as well 

2. Are there any ways this issue can be resolved to proceed with the PERM process. 

3. When is the company expected to start paying the salary as per PWD – On approval of I140 or on approval of I485?


Any inputs on these are highly appreciated.

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