Successfully First time H1B VISA Stamping @ Ottawa on 09/25/2015


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Hello All,


This post is for those planning to go to Ottawa location. My interview was scheduled on 09/25/2015 at 10.45 AM. I reached at 9.30 at the embassy. There was one security guard standing outside at the Embassy. He told me to come back at 10.15 AM. I went to Chapters bookstore in 5 mins walking distance where you will find Starbucks and Internet service. I reached at 10.15am and he let me in to building. 


As soon as you enter lady at the front will check your documents(Passport, Interview Fee receipt, DS 160 confirmation and I 797, passport size photo (if needed)).

Lady has asked me how old was photo taken in DS160 form.

Me: Answered appropriate time and I gave my new photo as well.

Lady has organized those document and told me to Go to Window # for check in.


They have asked me to go thru security scan(Metal detector). If you have watch/Cell phone they will take it and store it in a locker. You can pick it up when you leave.


I went to that window for check in and they have checked same documents again and took my fingerprints. Once fingerprints are done, lady at the new window, gave me back that photo once she scanned in their system and asked me to proceed to next window for interview to any of the available window.


I was first in line and two more people were already giving interview at those windows. 

Two Windows: One lady interviewer and One man Interviewer


At the interview.


I: Good Morning. How are you?

VO: Good.


VO: Why do you have very big file?

I: these are my documents


VO: Do you organize like this all time?

I: Yes, most of the time


VO: Who completed this application?

I: Myself


VO: Your employer did not helped you to complete this applications.

I: I have completed DS160 and visa application myself but my employer filed my I-797.


VO: Can you please put your file in side because that make me nervous? (while laughing)

I: Put my file in side with laughing.


VO: Can i have your PP only?

I: handed over PP.


VO: Is this your first time for Visa stamping?

I: Yes, This is my first time.


VO: He has looked my student visa stamps and asked me Why did you not go to your country for stamping? do you not like your country or your family?

I: I have answered very positively and told them my family visited me recently.


VO: Give me your other two documents?

I: I have handed him I-797 and DS160 Confirmation page.


VO: When did you obtain your first H1B?

I: I answered month and year


VO: What were you doing after your graduation:

I: I was working on OPT.


VO: How many months of OPT you have worked?

I: answered in months


VO: Who filed your fist H1B?

I: 'My previous employer name' 


VO: What company you work for?

I: I work for 'company name'. 


VO: What do you do for the company?

I: explained my job duties in brief.


VO: What does your company do?

I: Told about my company in very short


VO: Put your fingers in that fingerprint scanner?

I: Almost happy from inside.


VO: You Visa is approved. You will get your passport in 2-3 Business days.

I: Thank you Very much. Have a good day.


At first I was very nervous as VO never asked me questions that others wrote at forums but I gave all my answers with very confident. Not a single document was asked to me but better to keep all docs with you. VO was trying to ask me different questions but as I have answered all questions with confident, no other documents was asked to me. Staff was very nice. I was out within 25 mins total.


Background: Came on Student visa, worked on OPT and than was on H1B. 


Ottawa: I stayed at Best western plus which is 5 mins driving distance. Took Uber from hotel to Embassy. There is a nice mall on Sussex drive in 10 mins walking distance next to Chapters Bookstore (looks like Barnes and noble).


Friday (09/25): 10.45 AM Visa Interview, checked at DS160 to Admin. processing

Monday (09/28): 10.00 AM, DS160 status changed to Issued.


Waiting for now email come from loomis. 


I hope this helps to others but specially to people who has came on F1 student visa and worked on OPT. Good Luck everyone. Let me know if any one has any other questions.



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