Recapture of H1B Reminder Time


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My H1B petition was approved in 1997 valid till Dec 1998, I traveled to US & worked for 18 months. Later traveled to US on many occasions on BL1. Now that my previous H1B petition & my travel dates have  exceeded 6 years after leaving USA (US Exit: May01, 2006) Can my current employer apply under H1B Cap exception Category or H1B transfer to recapture the Reminder Time?

My travel details are as follows

US Entry:  Feb16, 1997    US Exit: Oct17,  1997    Non-immigrant status: H1B 
US Entry:  Nov24, 1997    US Exit: Sep30, 1998    Non-immigrant status: H1B
US Entry:  Jan03, 2003    US Exit: May20, 2003    Non-immigrant status: BL1
US Entry:  Dec06, 2003    US Exit: Dec24, 2003    Non-immigrant status: BL1
US Entry:  Jan20, 2005    US Exit: Oct16,  2005    Non-immigrant status: BL1 
US Entry:  Oct23, 2005     US Exit: May01, 2006    Non-immigrant status: BL1
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