H1B stamping with dismissed Shoplifting case


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Respected readers/lawyers,


I need your help and opinions on my case. I was arrested for shoplifting case (misunderstanding) in NY state, later the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence (no fine, no diversion program).


I am full time employee for financial institution and they sponsored H1b for me, got it approved and need to go India for stamping. They are not aware of my arrest record. I got court disposition certificate from court and have lawyer letter explaining that case has been dismissed due to lack of evidence.


1) What other documents to be carried for H1b Visa Stamping Interview?

2) I read in some forums that Police Clearance Certificate and Arrest Record to be required. Where can I get them?  I have only final case dispsosition certifcate with court seal

3) Would there be any problem at Visa interview and POE? I want to go to Interview with family and kids

4) Once the H1b visa stamp is done, will there be chance of knowing my arrest record to my company based on DS-160 details.. I am not sure USCIC share DS-160 to my company attorneys

5) Would I face any issues at my current job?


Regally your answers would be more helpful.


Thanks for your advices in advance.........

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