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I got my US Green Card earlier this year. I am commuting daily from Canada and working for my permanent employer and therefore converting my GC to the Commuter GC. My plan is to move to USA in 2017 and change my Commuter GC to Resident GC at that point. I am not sure whether I maybe able to file I-824 for my spouse and child to following-to-join  when I move back to USA ? Or would 2017 be too late ? Is there a statutory timeline by which time I824 should be filed?


Much thanks!!

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On 9/28/2015 at 0:36 AM, JoeF said:

No time limit.

thank you JoeF again.

Now it is 2017 and I am still alive :-) and progressing as per my plan. And I got a question if you can help answer. - Thank you.

So I have moved to USA recently and I have submitted I-824 so that my spouse and child can join me in the USA as GC holder. Now they live in Canada. Can they still come to USA for shopping etc using their Canadian passport and to see me in the USA for few hours or a day, while I-824 is pending? Or are they not supposed to come to USA until I-824 is approved and they obtain GC. Would their visit to USA constitute any contradiction as visitor while immigration application is pending?

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