Multiple W2 from same employer


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First of all, I thanks everyone's effort here. 


Currently I am on H1B visa. Because of some mis-communications between Attorney & HR, I was receiving paystubs from sister company with different company name "XYZ US" and now HR has corrected my paystubs to the parent company "XYZ America" to match I-797. 

Now because of this issue HR said I will receive two W2's for year 2015. 

1. I am planning to visit India in December for Visa Stamping. I will have new paystubs matching I-797 at that time but can the Officer ask me about the issue of paychecks with 2 company names?

2. Will this affect my future Visa Transfers and/or GC application?


3. Has anyone come across this situation? Is there any corrective action that can be taken before any major problem?

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