H1B Stamping in OTTAWA , i got 221G (My visa is approved)


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I would like to share my H1B 221 G experience which will help many people (Ottawa on Sep 14)


i went to visa interview to Ottawa US embassy on Sep 14 , below are the interview questions 


Me: Good Morning, How r u doing today
VO: Fine, thanks
Me: Passport, I797, and DS confirmation page given
VO: Is your employer YYYY
Me: Yes
VO: who is your client
Me: Answered
VO: when did you started working for client and he also asked do you have client letter
Me: Nov 2014, yes i do.....Handed Over client letter
VO: how much do you make
Me: YYYY dollars per annum
VO: where were you working before
Me: said my previous client name
VO: Who gave u this client letter
Me: I said My PMO Director (told his name)
VO : ok, do you have your pay stubs and W2
Me, Yes i do, handed over pay stubs and 2014 w2 and i asked do you need 2013 W2 also
VO: no thats fine.
VO: He gave 221G and said you will get an email, he said if you think if its geting delayed or you have any questions email to the email highlighted on 221G paper.
Me: Thank you
I got email on sep 15 asking for my last 8 months pay slips in email and also my client director got email that whether im working for them and what is my duration of project and which location i work in. 
I sent 8 months pay slips on same day and also my client replied all details  requested by them.
on sep 18th , i got an email that please drop your passport . i went to embassy right after i receive email, a person came, he said ur visa is approved and took my passport, he said your passport will be ready on tuesday sep 22. i went and pick my passport.
Please dont get tensed, they will definately give visa but time varies person by person .
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you friends ....Good luck
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