H1B Regular to PP and RFE Response review


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If H1b transfer petition was filed as regular and later changed to Premium Processing and then got RFE.


Does anyone know how much time does USCIS take for the Decision, after USCIS has recived the requested evidence?


Is it up to 60 days or within 15 days (from the date USCIS received the RFE requested)?


Is it required to pay the Premium Processing fee again to expedite?


My H1 b transfer is as described above, RFE response received on 09/01/15 and my case still has no decision until today.

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My Employer/Attorney has contacted USCIS and stated that USCIS is going to refund the PP fee back and the case will be under review as regular processing and make a decision. I am totally unsure if my petition will be approved or not, currently serving my termination period ~ one month. Should I apply for a new H1 b petition from another employer?

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