Sep 21st 2015 Visa experience @ Vancouver


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Hello Friends,


I had attended my Visa Interview on Sep 21 2015 at Vancouver. and My Visa was Approved.

I went 30 min before my appointment and was standing in line.


Step1: They checked my Passport, I-797, Appointment Confirmation & Passport Photo.


Step 2: They checked my documents for any closed envelopes and they asked me to keep my cell phone in locker.


Step3: After keeping my cell phone went inside and they asked me to empty my pockets and kept every thing including my documents in basket for security check.


Step 4: After security check went in to line 1 for my Passport, I-797 verification, Ds-160 & passport photo and they assigned me number. and returned Ds-160 confirmation & Number to me and asked me to get into line 2 to pick up my Passport & I-797 from line 2 and from there went for Finger prints.


Step 5: After finger prints done I was waiting for my number to be called so that I can go for actual interview. in 20th floor.


My interview went like this:


1. Is xyz your employer?




2. How long are you in US?


for X years


3. How long with this current employer


For Y years


4. Whats your work?


Explained my job duties.


5. Is this your first H1?


No, Extensioin.


6. What is your highest degree




7. Whats your specialization?




8. Did you work on Web Trafficking?




9. Did your employer filed Immigration petition for you?




10. whats your pay?




Then VO said your visa is approved, you will receive your passport in 3 - 5 business days.


I picked up my passport on Sep 23rd and returned back to US.


I hope this will help....Good Luck...

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