Unemployed on OPT before 5 years, do i need to worry now?


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I didnt get answer to my question in any topics, so iam posting it.


I completed my Masters in Jan 2010 and started OPT from Mar 2010 .

I switched couple of consultnacies and got job with one of them on dec 2010.

Iam doing Job continuously from 2010 to present.


I got job with consultancy X from dec 2010 , filed H1 and starts from Oct 2012 after OPT

I went to India and got H1B stampping on 2013

I cam from india and transfer to consultancy "Y" and persently working with them.


Now iam trying to search fulltime job with client.


My question is:

I didnt do any job from March2010 to Dec 2010, ( But did computer courses in consultancies).

I heard we are not suppose to stay unemployed on OPT for more than 90 days, is that ture.


1.   Is there any problem if i transfer H1 with client. If they ask about that period of employment, can i tell them that i did computer courses, and do we need to get any letter from any consultancy.


2. My old employer ("X") is not giving employment letter, what can i do? I have all Paystubs with me from employer "X"



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Computer course in a consultancy? When did a consultancy become a school or college? You were out of status due to your unemployment during OPT. It was overlooked once but will not be every time.

1. You can tell them if that is the truth. But, that is not going to help you as you were unemployed and out of status.

2. Ask a colleague from employer X to give a letter in official letter head.

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