New visa transfer if previous is in progress. current employer threat to revoke my current visa


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I have a valid visa(& I94) till Mar'2016 with my current employer and working for a client XX. Three weeks back I got a new offer from client YY and they filed the visa transfer and I got the receipt notice also on last week. I have already informed the same to my employer and will be leaving in 3 days.

Now, my current client XX comes with offer which my employer doesn't like it. When I spoke to my employer to postpone my last day to another 10 more days so that my current client XX can initiate the Visa processing. But, my employer threatening me that he will be going to revoke my visa after 3 days and saying that if I will go with current client XX, I will be in a trouble due to 'out of status'. Is it true?


1. For example, if my employer revoke my current visa and my current client will initiate a transfer after 10 days, will it any problem?

2. Is any chance of going to out of status here?

3. What is the better way from this problem and to join with client XX.

4. If any risk, then I need to simply go with Client YY who have already filed the petition for me. 


Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks

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