URgent: H1B transfer mess up..threat from desi employer when asked paystubs and transfer to other consultancy.


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My friend got H1B from desi consultancy. He got contract over and now he got job offer from american vendor at client place. But current desi employer is not signing agreement as he is under scrutiny by USCIS for fraud. 
He is telling he will sign agreement with other(his friends) consultancy, not with his consulatncy. Now American vendor is ready to take my friend as thier employer with H1B transfer as client is waiting to join. 
My friend sent resignation to desi consultancy. Now desi consultancy is threating to put case on american vendor consultancy as soliciation case and he dont want to give pay and paystubs to my friend. My friend is in utmost critical situation? 
whether he is really under serious issue with immigration status once desi consultancy revoke his H1b. 

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