H1-B Amendment is in process.


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Hi All,


Recently My client moved to new location with in 10 miles from our old location and we moved to new location. My employer applied LCA for new location and Amendment also as per as new USCIS rule. Before moving to new location i booked tickets to India to travel on Dec 3rd 2015 and return on Jan 1st 2015 into USA. I have Valid Visa till June 2016.

Now my Amendment is in process so my question is can i travel back into USA on Jan 1st 2016 with my valid visa(Till June 2016)?  


One of my friend asked question to his immigration department and they replied "yes" (See below for question and answer).


I may need to travel to Canada and/ or Mexico while my H amendment is pending, can I return to the U.S. without an H amendment approval notice?


Yes, travel to Canada, Mexico or any other geography outside the U.S. is permitted while the H amendment is pending. Associates must have an unexpired H visa stamp for readmission to the U.S. Associates will need to present the current H approval notice, and unexpired visa stamp for readmission to the U.S. Associates should have a copy of the H amendment filing and receipt (if available) handy to present to the CBP agent if questioned about worksite location.
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