H4 to F1 COS in USA


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I am on H4 from oct 2014 , i haven't been outs USA and don't have the H4 stamping yet. I have approve admission to two universities and the degree that i am going for requires internship of which i will be awarded credits for the same and i cannot get any internship while i am on H4 so the college suggests i change to F1 for internship plus for OPT .


Now the issue is i am planning to travel to india in Dec and back in Jan my college starts in Jan. While i am in India me and my husband plan to get our visa stamped which is H4 for me.


I have few questions based on different scenario


1) My college starts in Jan 2016, say by sept end i apply for COS from H4 TO F1 and then travel to India in Dec 2015 what will be the impact? If i come back on H4 will m F1 cos be cancelled ?


2) Come back from India in Jan then apply for COS to F1 ?


3) Apply for F1 in India after i get my H4 stamped?


I am confused what to do.




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Thank you . I would like to know as per the third comment you said h4 will be cancelled what does that mean? If my f1 is not approved then I can always come back on h4 right ?

Normally US consulate will allow one valid visa in your passport other than B1/B2. If your H4 visa is approved then you go for F1 visa stamping  and if F1 visa is also approved US consulate will cancel your H4 visa.

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