DS 160 form and Visa interview schedule questions


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Hi team,


I have few questions here to clarify regarding DS 160 form and Visa interview schedule.


a. Monthly salary in local currency: I entered the net monthly income and already submitted my DS-160, but after going through some forums they mentioned it was gross monthly income. I am going for drop box visa process, so will that be a problem? should i fill up a new DS-160 and submit it?


b. I noticed that there are few questions at the end while creating a profile in ustraveldocs to schedule appointment. To be eligible for visa interview waiver/drop box, there is a question stating that "Is your previous H1B visa Still Valid?". My current visa stamp expired in Oct 2015 and for visa stamping i am going in dec 2015. so since i am going in dec 2015, should i enter it "NO" because it expires in October or should i enter it as "yes" as at the time of fiiling the application it is still valid.


Thanks in Advance.



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