H1B visa issued and planning to transfer to different employer in India


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Guys, I wanted to share my visa experience.


I have filed H1 last year from company A when I was in Canada. The petition got approved and when appeared for visa interview in Toronto it went to Administrative Processing.

I waited for 4 weeks and then I withdrew the visa application.

Later, went to L1b (Current employer) visa and ti got denied. 


I had to travel back to India. After a gap of 6 months, with the same H1b petition from Company A, I scheduled a visa interview, ofcourse with new continuing offer letter and other docs. This time I got my visa approved. hurray...


I had some bad experience with Company A, so I was thinking of other options, plz clarify if possible.


1.  My first concern is I am not willign to travel immediately due to some personal issues. I am planning to travel in Feb/March? Will that be of any problem at port of entry or with petition?


2.  My current employer is willing to sponsor H1 next year( I didnt mentiond abt H1 visa approval from company A which I eventually do). If I apply for a cap exempt petition (have some bad experience with Company A) and gets approved, should I need to go for visa interview again? If so, what is the probability of getting denied?


3. If I happened to travel to US with the approved visa and then transfer to a different employer, will that be safe?  I was told that I need to submit pay stubs of company A while doing transfer process, how to tackle this situation?





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