Successful H1B stamping at Mumbai on Sep 16th, 2015


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Hi All,


This site was very helpful during my interview preparation. Time to give back, sharing my experience at Mumbai.


Background: A cap-exempted candidate because of earlier filing (In Mar-2011). The previous stamping was rejected with 221g yellow at Hyderabad. The petition was reaffirmed in May-2012, but the petition was expired in Mar-2012. Being a cap-exempted, got second sponsorship from same employer in May-2015, this time in premium processing. OFC was on 13-Sep (Sunday) and consulate interview was on 16-Sep.


OFC interview was at 1:00 PM. I reached at 12:15 PM and inside premised my turn came in 5 minutes and after finger printing and photo I was out at 12:45 PM pm well before my schedule interview timeJ


Consulate Interview was at 10:00 AM and there were 250 odd people outside. After all the waiting timing and queue, my turn came at 11:40.


VO: Good Morning. Your documents Please

Me: Good Morning. (handed over Passport, I797B, I129 copy, LCA copy)


VO: Which company you are going to work?




Me: Its XXXXX XXXXXX doing business as (dba) XXX INC.



VO: What is your designation?

Me: Programmer Analyst


VO: How many employees this company has?



VO: How much is the pay?

Me: XX thousand USD per annum.


VO: What is your highest qualification?

Me: Master in computer applications


VO: Which project you are going to work?

Me: told the product name


VO: What is this project all about?

Me: Started explaining but she stopped me asking me to come closer to speaker. I finished in 3 lines.


VO: Is it In-house project?

Me: Yes


VO: Are you going to work for client.

Me: No


VO: Are you married?

Me: Yes


VO: Is your family accompanying you?

Me: No. Not Now.


She seemed satisfied with the answers and pointing towards the pamphlet at counter


VO: Have you read this?

Me: Yes. (I had read that when I was in waiting area)


VO: You will get your passport in 2-3 days. Thank you.


She returned remaining documents to me and kept the passport. I greeted her and left the counter. It took nearly 2 hour for the entire process.


There was no SMS and email to notify passport pickup, but 1 day later I checked on passport tracking which showed “Ready to pick up”. I took the driving license copy with me and collected the passport from the trade center, with stamped visa J


Good luck guys for your successful stamping.

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