Working with two employers on two separate H1-Bs


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Hello All,


I have been working with a university (Employer A) on an H1-B (cap-exempt) and recently got H1-B approval for employment with another cap-subject organization (Employer B), effective Oct 1, 2015. Unfortunately, because approval was much later, it may be that I am unable to successfully hand off responsibilities to begin working with Employer B on Oct 1.


My questions are:


1. Assuming that I do not want to work pro bono for Employer A past Oct 1, am I able to have a resignation date of say Oct 15, 2015 with Employer A and proceed with a start date of oct 1, 2015 with Employer B? Is this overlap in employment allowed, given that I technically have two H1-Bs approved?


2. Also, it seems that there is such a thing called a concurrent visa which appears to allow simultaneous employment. What is a concurrent visa exactly? Would my second H1-B be a concurrent visa because it was filed concurrently (when I already had an H1-B) or does there need to be a formal specification of a "Concurrent Visa" on the H1-B petition application form for an H1-B to be considered a Concurrent Visa?


I hope this is clear, thanks for your response!

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