Change of job position/role after I140 approved


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My I140 is approved on Dec 2014 and I have H1B extension till 2017. And I wife have EAD approved(AUG 2015) based on My I140.


My questions:

1.Job change with in same company, from Sr.developer to Dev Manager requires any changes to my I140 status? if so, what are those changes going to be?


2.Requires any changes to my spouse EAD?


3.If I travel to India, do getting visa on current H1B will have difficulties? is it good idea to travel or withhold traveling? if it is not good idea to travell to india, how long I should stay without traveling in my case?


4.Spouse travel on EAD will have any impact on getting visa for reentry?


Thank you for your response.



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