221g Yellow at Hyd consulate on Aug 18th, 2011 -- 221g Blue from new Delhi in Nov, 2010 was Reaffirmed please suggest my options People


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Hi All,

I went for my Visa interview at Hyd consulate on Aug 18th, 2011.

The VO asked me where i did my masters, Where i will be working, I will be working at the company office itself, since the work i will be doing is developing a product (In house project) and its rather a fancy product and not just for the sake of it.After explaining all the work, the location where i will be working, Where i will be flying, who will assign me duties, who will supervise my work and how the work is associated with my Masters and all that. And for every question of hers i had a supporting document, which she glanced if not gone thru thoroughly.

A little history

I got 221g Blue earlier at New Delhi consulate and with a great difficulty i found new employer who can file for a new H1b and this time i had all the documents , i mean all of them and the VO still pulled out a 221g Yellow form and circled few (not to mention she did not even look at the document, just circled few) And showed it to me from the window and i read them quickly and said she saw all of them during my interview, She said please submit the document at the VFS office for further review.

MY Immediate gut question was, can i submit now, Like now since i have all of them with me right now,

She said please submit them right away.

Then i asked her, if this means she rejected my Visa , she said "This in no means that i am rejecting your visa, I just need to review a little more on your petition and gave my passport and said the Consulate will contact me either phone or email as necessary when my passport needs to be dropped"

I submitted my docs immediately the next day at the VFS office, Because i wanted to take my attorneys opinion before submitting them at the VFS office.

For now my case number is not shown, But i guess it will take a minimum of 5 business days to show up.

The thing i got so frustrated is that why ask the same documents that she saw while she was interviewing me again???? Just a waste of time,

I mean i would have been more satisfied if a different set of documents were asked? Which literally i did not miss any.

Just wanted to share with you guys..

Now the interesting thing is my first petition (Old H1b) for which i attended the interview at New Delhi and got a Blue 221g has been Re Affirmed and the USCIS asked me to contact the Visa Processing Facility.

Now i am in a dilemma of what i should do,

if i have to go with my previous Approval i need to find a Job and then get an appointment at New Delhi Consulate and attend a fresh interview ? versus waiting for this 221g yellow to get cleared.

So please share some light on my case guys.

really appreciate it.


PS: The day i submitted my docs i saw many people at Hyd consulate (H1b, F1) were all dejected because their visas were refused.

Not sure if this is a bad time of the year in Hyd or not..

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Hi Sai Ram,

Your story is very much like mine, but you atleast got your previous approval reaffirmed but for mine I am still waiting on it. I dont know if I am right or wrong but I found one thing with my experience is get into the country how ever you could i mean with the other reaffirmed application and once you are in then you can do a transfer or just try something. the main point is get into the country.

All the very best

Keep updating...


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Thank you Raj for your suggestion,

Right now i am in the process of finding what my options are,

like if i wanna go ahead with my First Re Affirmed Petition, then i think i need to Revoke my second petition? (this is something i am researching now) And once i get a clear picture with this, then i am going to proceed with my left over option.

Lets hope we all can make it there very soon..


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