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I am reaching out to you guys because I wanted to ask some questions regarding a complicated situation. Please help ..
Me and my husband working on H1B visa and have already applied for our Green Cards (I am primary)- Our I-140 was approved and now we filed for I-485 and EAD card, and waiting for those. Biometrics has been done also.

Under these circumstances - my husband unfortunately was laid off yesterday (he was on a H1B Visa). Regarding this I had the following questions:

1. Since he is the dependent beneficiary - will this affect our case? (getting the EAD)

2. After being laid of on H1B, how long can a person legally stay in the country? SInce he has his I-485 pending, can he still stay in the US , even if his H1B visa is cancelled due to this job loss?

3. Is it legally possible for an employer to terminate employment ... BUT NOT revoke the Visa of the employee for an extended period of time?

We are in a very stressful situation and a little help from your side with these answers, will be highly appreciated !

I will look forward to hearing from you,

Thank You...
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