H1B stamping in Hyderabad (approved)


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Below is my experience

9/14: attended finger printing..

9/15: interview was at 10.. but stood in line at 9:15 ..almost took an hour to get my turn at the counter.

VO: are you still working working for xyz

me: I changed my employer to abc

VO: how long have u been working in US

me: answered

VO: what is ur position at the company and what kind of work do u do

me:(i work for a big it consulting company and explained him role and responsibilities)

VO: can i see i 797

gave him the document...he approved it.

Thanks for all the threads in the forum...

I picked up my passport next day 9/16

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Congratz on your visa approval.

I have a question regarding the timing of biometric appointment.

At what time was your biometric appointment?

Do we have to have 24hrs time gap?

I have my visa appointment on Oct 5th at 9:30AM and biotmetric appointment scheduled on Oct 4th at 1:00 PM.

Is that ok?

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