Travel to India before H1 Extension gets approved


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I am currently working in USA on H1B. My Visa is expiring on 3rd Dec 2015. My employer is in process of filing the extension, but the papers have not been sent yet.


I need to travel to India by end of this November (before Visa expiry date) and can only come back by mid-Dec (Visa will be expired by then).


If I do not get a reply from USCIS by Nov end, should I go ahead with my India travel. Can I then wait for the extension approval in India, get the stamping done and then come back to USA with the extended Visa?


Please advise.



R Swamy

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Thanks for the reply.


So I understand leaving the country when extension request is still pending does not void the extension application. 

Is this correct?


Just re-confirming, as I was in a huge dilemma and was constantly emailing my employer to send my application ASAP.


Thanks again.

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