H1B amendment requirements when changing clients


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I work with an IT company X. I recently applied for an H1 amendment cum extension. The amendment was required because of 2 things -

1. a role change and

2.  because I applied for a dual location LCA.


My client P was based in city A but since my wife had a job in city B I would travel back and forth working 2 weeks at A and 2 weeks at B.

This amendment was approved an Aug 25th and I got an extension till Jan 2018.

Now I have to move to a new client , client M in city B.

As per my understanding, this client is covered by the existing LCA as it comes under the same Metropolitan Area(MSA) and that I have an already approved amendment for city B.





1. Do I need to file a new amendment or not?

2. If I need to, what is the processing time for the same?




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