I485 filling - Alien No. For spouse and Non immigrant Visa Info for expired visa stamping


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Hello, Im on H1b and filling out I485 and I have couple of questions.

1) I have a valid H1b with new I797 and I94 good until 2017. But the H1b visa stamping on my passport is expired(2014).When I fill the I485 I do see there are fields asking for

# Non immigrant Visa Number

# Consulate where visa was issued

# Date Visa was issued

As the H1b visa stamp on my passport is expired, what info do I need to provide for the above # questions?

2)I'm providing my wife details aswell in my I485 and I do see the I485 ask about my wife's A# number. My wife is a Student (F1) with visa stamp on her passport for F1 and currently she is on OPT.Does she hava A# number? If so where can I find that?

Please guide accordingly and thanks in advance for your reply.

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