H1b Renewal - RFE- 7th Year-I-140 approved - I94 expired-pp


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hello every one, 


  • I am working in senior management position at a big 5 company.
  • My Visa was valid till August 04 2015 (I-94 - expired)
  • I have my I-140 approved.
  • My company applied for my h1 renewal on June 21st and it was upgraded to July last week.
  • I received an RFE on August 14th.
  • The RFE was for a client letter and pay stubs and tax returns.
  • My company responded to RFE on August 18th with a letter from my VP that I will be working on practice development in senior management level stating my role and responsibility and location as in the LCA.
  • Till date the status on USICS website has not updated that they have received my companies response.

My Question:


1. is it possible that USICS has received my conpanies responce and has not updated the case status online?


2. Is there a phone number for USICS to which I can call and ask for an update?


3. Can I ask for the status from USICS or should it be my companies immigration department the one to ask USICS?


4. what if my case is rejected/denied, can my company appeal the denial?


5. Incase of a denial do I have a grace period to leave?



please help me with these questions.




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