H1 to H4 still in process, can I travel to home country


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Hi All,


I have applied for change of status from H1b to H4 in July, as per receipt from USCIS, my application was received on 31st July 2015, and when I check my application status now, it still states in processing. I have plan travel to home country in October first week 2015.

Can I travel and stay in my home country until my processing is complete?

Heard through online sources, application will be canceled in case of out of country travel.


Cannot avoid my travel, what options do I have? Can I schedule a visa appointment for H4 stamping in my home country if my current application is canceled because of my travel.

Please suggest.


Thank You

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Thank you for yourreply Jairichi.


I have few concerns regarding abandoning of my H1 to H4 application processing


If I travel before I get decision from USCIS,


1) do I need to inform USCIS about my travel?, will there be any form to submit to USCIS?

1) if H4 application gets abandoned, then what will be my status gets converted which was mentioned in H4 application, for the start date of my H4 visa to get applicable i.e., July 1st 2015(the date applied in the H4 application to begin to till date when it gets abandoned?

2) If  I apply for my h4 visa stamping in my home country, can I choose the visa date irrespective of my H4 application abandoned i.e can I pick the visa date before H4 application gets abandoned or should I wait for any letter from USCIS


Need your advice.

Thank you

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