STEM ext completed, H1RFE in processing, full time offer from a new empoloyer


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h1b RFE replied along with premium processing request. Currently on CPT, Have got a full time offer from a new employer. Can I start working to this new employer until my H1b is approved.


Can I apply for the transfer to the new employer immediately once my h1b is approved or will there be a minimum time period?


And Until my h1b transfer is completed can I continue working on my CPT?


Please answer these question at the earliest possible as I have to accept new offer in 2 days and have to join next Monday?


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Hi Jairichi,


Thanks for the reply!

Yes my CPT is legal. I don't have CPT for this term yet but, I am planning to request for this term based on the new offer from new employer?


Can I request for h1b transfer immediately on or after 1st October?

Can I continue working with my new employer while the transfer is initiated and in process?


RFE is about Employee-employer relationship, If my h1b filed by my current employer has to have a start date from October 1st do I need to request Premium processing as we are planning to respond to the RFE this week?

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That indicates that the CPT is fraud. You can not "request" CPT.

CPT is only for work, e.g., an internship, as integral part of the curriculum. In other words, everybody in the class would have to be required to take an internship.


And for an H1 transfer, you have to have started working for the original employer for it to be possible.

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