Appointment Wait Time for H4 Visa


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I am having hard time understanding what exactly the appointment wait time pertains to.


My fiance has applied for passoprt and awaiting to get it by 23-25 September 2015. Since one can't fill DS-160 or schedule H4 appointment without a passport, I wanted to know how we are doing on time.


We are aiming to get an appointment on 26th November 2015 and a biometric on 25th November 2015, but have no way of knowing if the dates are available or not. The ustraveldocs customer care is lethargic and won't help unless you give them applicant's passport number. site has a availability and wait time link for Non-Immigrant visas and when I check that, it says 21 days wait time for Chennai consulate.


Question 1 - What does 21 days stand for? I know that you can book as early as 90 days from the date of appointment. Does this mean we can get an appointment for Nov 25, if we try to schedule on or before Nov 4? (Nov 4 ~ Nov 25 = 21 days)


Question 2 - Can we schedule appointment in Hyderabad Consulate? I understand that being resident of Karnataka, you can't take appointment in any other consulate than Chennai, but how does the scheduling system know the state of residence unless we tell correctly? Do they ask for address proof which shows which state we reside in?


I have her flight booked for 4th Dec, and I am worried if we can get an appointment on 25th/26th Nov and can get her passport stamped and back by Dec 3. If she can attend appointment in hyderabad, will do that because the site shows 8 days as wait time for Hyderabad as compared to 21 days for Chennai.


Any help is greatly appreciated.




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