H1B Stamping COS from F1 to H1B with I-797C form


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My employer applied for my H1B in 2016 quota and got selected, But I went to India before my petition got approved and returned to States in June on my Valid student Visa which expired.(It expired on June 30th). Now I got H1 petition approved with out I-94 card. My wife is on F-2 status currently. I have my opt extension until November 30th. I came to know that  I should leave the country and get my visa stamped to have my status changed to H1. So, now I am planning to go to Canada or Mexico to get my visa stamped in November 1st week. Can my wife also attend the interview and convert her F-2 visa to H-4?  Or should i first convert her status to F-1 by joining her in university? Can i travel to Mexico or Canada in first place to get this stamped? I was working for my Employer for 2 years and 5 months, also worked for same client after completion of my masters through same vendor. What are my chances of getting the Visa stamped? Should i go back to India and get it stamped? Any help is appreciated.



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