I824 Follow-to-join : NVC Financial documents


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In our follow-to-join case (employment based), it's mentioned in the NVC Website that Affidavit of Support as EXEMPT and there's no fee required. However in welcome letter, all financial documents are mentioned..Not sure whether these need to be sent or not when AOS is exempt.   I have just called NVC customer center to clarify and they say "when it says exempt, you don't need to send any of the below financial documents... (whatever printed in the welcome letter.... Affidavit of Support, IRS Tax Transcript, Federal Income Tax Returns, Form W2, Evidence of income, Proof of relationship, Proof of U.S. status, Social Security Earnings Statement, Proof of assets.)". Is it correct? I'm little confused whether should I send the financial documents or simply make those as N/A?  Thanks for your help.

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