Changing CR1 Visa Category to IR1

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Hi ,

I got my CR1 Visa Approved for 51/2 months.
In urgency I already paid the $165 Immigrant fee few days back required for processing of Green Card.
My CR1 Visa Expires on Jan 30th 2016

I got married on 9th November 2013 & my Second Marriage Anniversary is on 9th November 2015 . The Questions I have for You now is:
1) Can I enter on or after 9th November 2015 so that I can get my Visa Category changed to IR1 from CR1 ..
as the below link show that it is possible


or I believe I can get it corrected by filing an I-90

Will filing an I-90 be better or opening a Infopass Request be better

3) At the End May I know what do you suggest me to do , come before 9th November 2015 & go with CR1 or Give a Try for IR1 by Coming after 9th November 2015


Any Quick Help Is Greatly Appreciated 



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