H1-B tenure


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Hi there,


This is spandana , i have a question about my latest h1 b extension validity


My first H1 started from October 2011-Nov 2012 with company A which was valid for 1 year.Then i transferred to company B in 2012. So second term started from Nov 2012-Aug 2015.I am still with same company and they filed my extension recently , 

I received approval and 3rd term validity is from Aug 2015-Aug 2018



H1-b Validity.

Oct 2011-Nov 2012-1 yr

Nov 2012-Aug 2015-3yrs

Aug 2015-Aug 2018-3yrs


From my understanding , H1b validity is only for 6 years ,But with my latest approval its adding up to 7.


Can someone please let me know if i need to correct this or let it be.

will it have any impact on my green card processing or visa stamping?

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