Incorrect 'Place of Birth' on PERM and approved i140. What are the options ?


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Hi All,

My wife who is born in Nepal got her i140 approved last week. We were getting ready to file our i485 when yesterday we realised that her passport reflects her place of birth as Kathmandu where as she filled out 'Biratnagar'(also in Nepal) as her place of birth in all her applications to USCIS including PERM and i140.


Anybody here knows what can be done or have been in similar situation or know someone who has been in similar situation ?


Her company lawyer is on maternity leave and seldom answers email, hence i am here seeking your help. I hope we dont have to file PERM and i140 again.


Does anyone know if we can amend i140 or if this is considered as 'material change' ?


Thanks for your help.



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