221(g) issued during H1B Visa interview asking for CV/Resume


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I have attended H1B - Visa Interview on 5th Aug at Chennai and been issued a 221(g).I have been asked to submit CV,invitation letter from Sponsor in US and am still waiting to hear from consulate. 

My Situation for 221(g): 
I have a Master's in Nanotechnology.After my education I have started working in IT Industry after a gap of 9 months. I have done a unpaid internship during this break of 9 months. The issue is: I have not mentioned about this internship during CV sent to USCIS while filing H1B. When VO asked about this gap period,I did not have other choice than to tell about this.Excluding this initial 9 months,I have 7 years of genuine IT experience with two big MNC's.Any idea if this internship thing can create any hurdle in issuing visa? 

I have submitted the updated CV(with internship details),letter from Sponsor in US as requested by consulate already and waiting to hear back. 
Any inputs on this will greatly help. 

Pratap V.

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One needs to have a minimum of 4 years bachelor's degree related to H1B profession or 3 years related work experience for each year of education. Your educational qualifications is in nanotechnology and your H1B profession is IT and that might be an issue. Also, I believe nanotechnology is under Technology Alert List (TAL) and therefore that might an reason for issuing 221g.

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