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Hi All, 


I am applying for my h1b extension based on I140 Approval . I am in E V V C model,  I got letters from client and both the vendors.  On client letter I have my primary vendor name mentioned and my primary vendor letter has second vendor name . Finally second vendor letter has my employer compayname in it . 


This is the first time  i am working in this model , I had to take up this project on emergency basis. 


what are the approval chances @ Vermont center ?


Please let me know if anybody  were in same model and got their extension approved. 


Appreciate your help in this matter.










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This is not going to work.

There is no employer-employee relationship. Your employer has to be able to direct your work at the client site, but the client doesn't even know your employer.

Find a better employer, and avoid anything with middle vendors.

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