when is the prevailing wage applicable ?


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when is the prevailing wage applicable ?



i am currently on l1b since 2011.

my employer is filling my gc in ed3.

i have done 4 years bachelors for india and have a total 6 years of work exp. (2 year in indina and 4 years in us.)

my employer is filling Eta9089 this week.

the prevailing wage is way higher then what i get now.



question :

1.will i start getting prevailing wade once i-140 is approved?

2.can i file my gc in eb2 instead of eb3 ?

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It has to be paid when the GC starts.

But, if you get paid less during the process, there may be a question of ability to pay, i.e., does the employer have the money to pay the required salary?

After all, the PD could suddenly become current (happened a couple years back...)

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