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I have applied H1B this year premium process , my petition was approved and visa stamping resulted with 221g blue slip asking for client letter.


My employment model is EVC where i will be placed at client place and  will work through a mid(prime) vendor.As per this model  all sufficient documents MSA and PO are between employer are submitted in petition documentation and specified that client letter was not provided due to strict confidentiality. 


As of now my employer is trying to get letter to respond but not sure how it would go and i am in confusion state. If in case they cant able to provide a letter or visa stamping denies what would be my options.

What happens to my approved petition will get cancelled or any possibility i can use this to transfer to another employer to process for Visa stamping.


Please respond to my query, i am not really getting good suggestion so far hence looking for a experts advises.


Thanking you,

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