H1B stamping while passport is expiring in almost 6 months


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Hi All - I have an I-797 that is valid till Sep 2018 and I am traveling to India from Aug 28 and will be eligible for interview waiver program and drop box. However, I just realized that my passport is expiring in Feb 2016 and I am planning to apply for a new passport upon my return ti US.


Given this I a wondering if I am taking any risk? Also, if I get a new stamping, will it be the I797 expiry date or the passport expiry date?


can you help?

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Better you postpone you stamping and renew your passport first. Once you got the visa stamped in your old passport, while coming back from India at immigration you will receive your I-94 till passport exp date only. Going fwd it will be a headache. 


If you get the new passport later ,you either need to cross the border again or need to go to your nearest CBP office to get it changed. 


I advice you to renew your passport first. It may take 10 business days not more than that.


All the best.

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I think you cannot go for stamping with a passport that is expiring within 6 month window. You are going on August 28th and your passport is expiring in Feb 2016. Looks like you will not be eligible for stamping with old passport. That's what all the consulate websites say. Why do you want to take a chance. Renew and go for a peaceful trip.

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