L1b to H1 Change of Status using earlier H1 Approved Petition


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I am in USA on L1B since 2011 with Company A and meanwhile Company B processed H1B in 2013 and it got approved (I have a copy of I-797C).
Due to personal reasons, I didn't join with Company B on 1st of October 2013 and at the same time I traveled outside USA on 30th September and came back to USA on 4th of October by extending my L1B visa.
Company B requested for withdrawal of H1B in November 2013 and it successfully revoked in January 2014.
Now in 2015 I would like to change my visa status from L1 to H1 with my current company A by using company B H1 petition since my L1 tenure 5 years is going to complete soon. So I requested My Current Company A for the Change of status. Here are the below questions on this situation:

1. Company A whom I am currently working with is applying for Change of Status by filing new H1 with my current Project (SOW). Since I have already approved H1B visa applied in 2013 wanted to use the same for CAP Exemption.
2. What is the success rate in this case?
3. What will be the chances of approval?
4. Is there anything we need to consider in this case?


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